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August 28, 2008



hahahahahaha! That is totally something I would do (drill a hole in the platter.)
The first time my husband and I were trying to sell a house I bought one of those stupid fake pie things to put in the oven to make the house smell like freshly baked warm apple pie. Dorky, I know. Then we forgot about it and came in later to preheat the oven to like 400 or something, and it burned up, of course, so now the house smelled like torched apple pie and melted plastic. Niiiice.


My problem is lack of dishes and things. I make curry for people which has to go in something, then I don't get the dish back.


LOL Isn't it funny how the events that make us burn bring the biggest smiles later.

Once I took a pan straight off the stove and put it on the cutting board. I'd always used wood before and had been given one of those white, think plastic ones. The pan melted into the cutting board and they became one. We had to throw them both away and the house smelled like melted plastic chemically crap for days.

Midlife Slices

Many moons ago I had a housekeeper and if there was any food in the house, she'd eat it. Didn't matter if it was a fresh baked something that was to be taken somewhere WHOLE, she would cut into it and help herself so I started hiding anything I didn't want her to eat, in the oven. More than once. More than twice even, I'd come in an preheat the oven and finally realize something was in there when the smoke started billowing. Ugh, I should have just let her eat it, I guess.

East Coast Girl

Oh, I know all too well the feeling of realizing much too late that there was something in the oven that I forgot about. I finally learned the trick around that problem. When I put anything in the oven to get out of the way, or because I am going to use it later, I take the control knob off and place it out of the way. Then when I need to use the oven and have to look for the knob, I remember why I took it off in the first place, and that I need to clean out the oven before turning it on. (It's kinda like putting a string on your finger!)

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