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August 13, 2008



I have been a huge fan of Crabtree and Evelyn La Source soap since my stay at the Hilton in Waikikii 3 years ago. It costs me about $7 a bar.

For soap.

It's ridiculous... but I LOVE it.


Not only the hotel bling, but those darn mags on the airplane, too. I just had to get my cats a fountain waterer after seeing it in the shopper so many times! (fyi-They still won't go near it they are so afraid of it!)
I would be afraid a sleep number bed would be a costly biz trip for me ;)


I need to stay in a hotel with a sleep number bed; I desperately want to try one.


We've been back for more than a week but I'm still dreaming of the Flou bed we enjoyed at the Hotel Gault in Montreal. Soft without being saggy. Supportive without being rigid. No motion transfer--so you can roll over (or get up to pee) without causing seismic disturbances on the other side of the bed.


Yes, the contents of the mini bar !!!


Molton Brown. I still miss their bath wash - it was heavenly and refreshing. Now that we are being budget conscious, Molton Brown definitely violates that principle. Sniff.


There's not much to desire in a Motel 6...(they take pets,) but I do own a Sleep Number! I LOVE it...I sleep on 90- and I don't know anyone else who does...my husband sleeps on 45...but we tried it out because if we used it for 60 days and didn't like it they would refund all our $$ except for $200....and the other mattress set we had our eyes on was exactly $200 less than the Sleep Number...so we took the deal and after waking up the next morning I was sold. The best part of the bed is that when my husband gets up in the morning I don't feel him get out of bed....or even turn over at night.

a beer sort of girl

I can't even remember what hotel it was, but in San Fran once for biz, they had all H2O+ brand toiletry items, and I fell in love with the Mint Ice Shampoo. I've bought it online since. And I am the super-proud owner of a W Hotels pillow top mattress. Also purchased online. With a 40% off code. :)


See, I've heard that those Sleep Number beds turn into crap after a few years of owning it. I want a mattress that's going to last me a minimum of 15 years. Minimum. Anything that involves air in it just won't be able to pull that off, I'm sure.

I haven't ever bought anything because of a hotel stay, no. Well, except that time I had to replace a bathing suit I accidentally left behind a door to dry...


Among all the Bliss products from last year's BlogHer at the W in Chicago, I emerged with a love for the body lotion (lemon and something...herby I think.) I haven't bought any, as it's far beyond my budget at this point, but I do stop and commune with it in Sephora whenever I'm in there (not very often, I can't trust myself!)


I have been an owner of both a feather bed and down comforter since that trip to the Ritz. Like sleeping on a cloud (that sometimes pokes you with a feather shaft).

Zen Zone Chick

You think you hate YOUR shower head? Mine flew off the wall today and BROKE MY TOE!!! How's that for 'head hate'? Time to go shopping.


I love Fresh products. I discovered them when I stayed at the Tribeca Grand a few years ago. So fun.
BTW- my book showed up today from your giveaway. Thanks!!

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