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August 22, 2008



ARGH. I had no idea Kathy Griffin was coming here!! I would have totally gone to that. She is one of my favorite comedians and has been for far longer than her show (put it this way, I still have a VCR tape of something I recorded off of HBO way back when) *sniff*


You have yoga at work? And sumo wrestlers? How cool is that?


I would love to see KG, she's coming here in Nov. but the tix are out of my budget right now. Sad.


We're going to Kathy Griffin tonight, too! So excited...

What did you think of Pineapple Express? I wanna see it, but Leo heard it was crappy. :( Say it ain't so!

Mrs. G.

Tell Kathy I said to SUCK IT. I love her.

Mama Ginger Tree

Kathy Griffin is great. She is much better live than any of her TV stuff. Have a fun time.


i am SO going to do the 100 pushup program! how AWESOME is that????


Popcorn for the birdies?? Mmmm. I will try this next time I have leftovers.

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