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July 03, 2008



I agree with you about Littermaid - the quality and service have gone WAY down. The last box we bought failed within 4 days of purchase and WAlmart was pissy about exchanging it, even though it clearly fell within their exchange rules.


Ok, this thing better work. You didn't say how much it costs but I'm getting kind of desperate. I only have one cat so we'll see what happens. I hope it makes a big difference!


I jumped on that automated cat box when I had a cat. It scared her. She'd go and it would start up before she had gotten her lovely self off the thing and she'd jump straight in the air. Ended up selling it in a yard sale. Don't have a cat now, but it's good to know that if I get another, this product exists.

Mrs. G.

I must have one. My cat box cleaner is heading off to college. Happy 4th!

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