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July 24, 2008



It was great to see you, as always. I am looking forward to pomegranate salsa, too!


Okay, so AMEN on the yogurt for next year. I actually had my blood sugar plunge so low that I snapped at a waiter on day one when I arrived too late for lunch (they eventually got me two lunches... to make up for the wait? Not sure) and then snapping at another waiter on day two who wanted me to wait 25 minutes for the break when I begged him to get me a Sierra Mist before I passed out. Thankfully, the banquet captain (Rod?) realized there was a problem and ran off to get me two SMs. I guess if you have to complain, they make it better by doubling it. Not sure...

And while I did embibe at the Macy's party, I did a lot of the appetizer snacking, too. Was that ceviche the best? YUM!


I am just sorry I came off looking like an idiot when I met you! Really, when I am not chasing a three year old and looking like hell, I am a lot of fun!

and I LOVE the jacket!



I second your call for yogurt for next year's conference. And maybe throw in some scrambled eggs. All those carbs killed my stomach. I can't imagine what it was like for a someone with celiac disease or diabetes. Still, good times!!!


I so enjoyed meeting you at BlogHer! Your recipe cards were absolute genius.

And guilt-inducing.

But also genius.

Okay, I'm making Aunt Edith's banana bread tonight!

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