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July 28, 2008


Yvonne DiVita

Rain, rain go away... we have suffered thunderstorms of great magnitude for a couple weeks, now. Makes me glad I LIKE being indoors.

Wish I'd been at your concert, rain and all. Sounds marvy! (a very old term from a very long time ago...don't ask!)

Hope the week is sunny and fun for you, Jane.



It seems that every time I lay down on the couch to read lately I fall asleep. Very frustrating.

We had a big thunderstorm last week. Very strange for this time of year here. Usually we get dry thunderstorms that start all kinds of fire. I was really glad this one was accompanied by a lot of rain. We have enough haze in the air from the California fires (yes, all the way up here in Idaho).


Hey...new reader here...I live in the Kansas City area as well...Shawnee to be exact!


Love days that you can lay around & sleep & read.


Ahh, my kingdom for an entire day to be a couch potato. . .


Glad you got your sleep in. That whole time change was really messing with you. I'm just trying to get all the rich food and martinis out of my system.


I love rainy days, but not so much if I'm at a concert.


We always seem to get the rain you get there a few hours later here.


I love to read books!

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