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July 10, 2008



This is one of my all-time favorite Average Jane posts! Thank you for sharing this!


What an awesome memory piece! This made me remember that in the 70s, my mother had a denim shirt that she painted with various scenes. I'll have to check the attic and see if she still has it!


How wonderful!


Makes me want to get all crafty about myself. I think sometimes I worry so much about immortalizing my kids in photos and scrapbooks and quilts (or rather, quilt squares... have to outsource the actual quilting), but I forget to do anything about me to leave behind. You just made me stop and think, "Outside of my writing bad habits, what else will they have to remember me?" God, I hope they'll want to remember me!


I meant writing AND bad habits. Not bad habits about writing... uuuggghhh... I hate when I sloppy-post...

Zen Zone Chick

Wow! I'd forgotten all about that skirt! Thanks for sharing!


Does it fit you?


What a fabulous treasure and memory piece for your family! I love hand me downs from generation to generation that spark stories - what a great way for your niece and nephew to get to know your mom!


Loved this. Thanks so much for sharing it!


Hey,your mother was really good!

Jennifer H

That is amazing and so interesting! It's wonderful that you still have it. I think my favorite part might be your mother at the microphone.

Have you considered making something like it with details from your life?

Muddy Mo

A very unique and intriguing story. Thanks for sharing!


I'm always making things, and wondering if someday when I'm long gone, there will be someone holding on to it as a precious memory.


That's an awesome skirt! Definitely a piece of clothing that's never to be parted with. :)

I found your blog via Liz Rizzo. Apparently you and I are to be accompanying her to a Nintendo dinner cruise around SF Bay while at BlogHer! I was so excited that she asked me. I'm looking forward to meeting you. :)


Awesome skirt. I would definitely be hanging on to it, too.


That is an awesome and amazing skirt! Makes me want to make something full of memories for my kids.

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