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June 21, 2008



I'm going to the gym, farmer's mkt, take mom to get her hair done, look at some labyrinths for a friend's project (she is trying to get one installed at our county govt center), and then dinner out and a movie.

Tomorrow? Weekly grocery shopping for the folks, church and then....spozed to go blueberry picking with church but good LORD it is going to be 105 degrees out there and I have already been a sweaty mess at least 5x this week and am not going to do it again. I hope to get in some chaise lounge time. This will involve buying or finding a chaise lounge.


Lake water is much friendlier than pool water on the hard-to-maintain midnight blue highlights in my hair, so I kind of hate to pass up an opportunity to swim that isn't going to ruin my color.

you sound so Beverly Hills!!!!

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