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June 20, 2008


American Copywriter

I don't tell you how cool I think you are nearly often enough.

Donna W

My best years were the ones from 40 to 50. I could dive deeper and come up dryer than most younger folks, back then. Arthritis hadn't set in. My kids had both left home and I loved my empty nest; all my females parts still worked and were well-lubed. So we had a sort of a second honeymoon, Cliff and I. (Sorry if that's too much info.)

If I could choose any decade in which to remain forever, it would be that one.

Christine Canavan

Your blog makes me laugh and I enjoy your recipes. It's great to hear stories by real women. There's hope coming for all us over 40s...I'm launching a tasteful lingerie company for real women...We all need a refreshing change from the images that are currently being marketed to us. Hope you'll check it out at www.btc-boutique.com this fall. In the meantime, I'm addressing some body image issues your readers might also relate to on my blog. We're just getting better! Let's not forget it and celebrate it.

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