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June 11, 2008



One of my pets irritations is when someone discovers a "grizzly" murder when in fact bears were not the perpetrators. Grisly if you please !


One of the worst I see is lose/loose.

Affect/effect is one that I see a lot too. I don't think it was explained well in schools. I was an English major and I imagine I've gotten it wrong before.

I wonder if the thing with voila is that it has an accent normally (kind of like naive), so we can't actually spell it right without some nifty finger yoga to type the accented letter. So maybe people are figuring if they can't spell it right, they'll just spell it phonetically. OK, that might be a stretch...but it's possible.


When I find the its/it's problem in my own blog, it's due to sheer carelessness. Most times, I'll check back over my blog later in the day when I have time and edit it more slowly. I actually to give it a once over before I post it...I guess I just don't see every mistake the first time through.

It would be easier if my wordpress didn't mark EVERY word as wrong; it's more difficult to spot errors when there is "red pen" ALL OVER your page.


Yes! Their, there and they're! Drives. Me. Nuts!

I must admit, though, the whole lay/lie thing still escapes me. I nearly flunked 7th grade because of it. Oh well, except for my stupidity on that point, I am absolutely perfect in every other way!


I see 'of' in place of 'have' all the time. Like I would of if I could of.

BTW, you missed a golden opportunity for a more colorful example for lay/laid. Just sayin'...

laurie ruettimann

I just enrolled in an online grammar class because I looked at some of my old blog posts (all written from the hip and published as first drafts) and I thought, "I can do better."


I actually corrected a hand-written note from the building manager posted in the elevator this morning. It was a warning that "trees have fell in the parking lot"


my blog is written in perfect English, I probably should be teaching the class mentioned above.

Well Hell Michelle

Love the list :) Your and You're used incorrectly are my pet peeves.


I hate when I see affect/effect used incorrectly. It drives me crazy! Although I would guess that I've been guilty of some of the other ones you listed. There have been many times that I've looked words up just to make sure I'm using them right.


Oh! Affect/effect drives me crazy, too! Others:

-'all things considering' instead of 'considered'.
-'I could care less' instead of 'I couldn't care less.'
-myself or yourself when it should be me or you (a person like yourself, someone like myself - ugh!)
and I'm sure I'll be back with more...


Love it. Like June, I usually write with perfect grammar.


OMG yes, what dee said. The myself vs. yourself thing. It's been going on for so long that I feel arrogant or cocky using "me" anymore. Like I'm being selfish or something: me me me!!!

However, I'm proud to say that myself used "voila" correctly in a recent post!

Pork With Bones

I think the confusion of lie vs. lay stems not so much from the present tense vs. past tense confusion, but from the fact that lay is an infinitive in its own right.

"Lie" is an intransitive verb, and does not take an object. "I think I will lie down on the beach."

"Lay" is a transitive verb, and requires an object. "I think I will lay the towel down on the beach."

I posted about this, once upon a time. (Soon to be transferred to my Pork With Bones domain.)

Midlife Slices

I want to scream when someone uses loose instead of lose.
I need to lose weight so my pants will be loose.
I once had a man tell me he didn't want to loose me. He did. :)


I dub all of you honorary Freshman Comp teachers.


It seems that you have wombats in the belfry at 6:30 am. :-)

The samples remind me of the samples you used to write at the Greeting Card Factory.

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