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June 25, 2008



No, I can't believe you do that every five years. Except, come to think of it...I tend to move every five years and that's when my cleanouts get done. I wish you were here with me in my garage holding my hand and telling me what it's okay to throw and what I should keep.


I'm impressed! I do a regular one-extra-bag in the garbage each month (and mor ein the summer), but I've never rented a dumpster for house cleaning. Great idea!


thankfully that pesky dumpster will vanish forever from the world and all evidence of your wastefullness will evaporate.

or, no wait... that junk will simply occupy a landfill until well after we're gone. sweet.


That's really impressive. I always feel better after a clean-out, even if the during is a little stressful.

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