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May 07, 2008


laurie ruettimann

Nice needlework. Nerd. :)


Nerdy but talented. Cuz I probably couldn't have SPELLED embroidery when in high school much less, you know, embroidered it.


Hmm, AJ just went up in my estimation.


That is so Cool! Did you do it by hand or machine?


When I was a teen I didn't even know a girl who had ever watched the Doctor.

Have kind of been enjoying the new ones. Torchwood is kinda inconsistent, and the Sarah Jan Adventures... Liz Sladen looks pretty good for over 50!

S. Simon in WV

I absolutely love Dr. Who, so I am in the nerdy crowd. I loved the original Star Trek when I was a young, dateless teen. Science fiction gives hope to the hopeless, I guess. Anyway, very nice work on your embroidery.


That's not nerdy! That's cool as hell!


ohmygawd! my son would be so very impressed with this. he's 10 years old and a massive doctor who fan. he's going to think you are so cool.


That's simply awesome. I bet all the boygeeks had huge crushes on you.

B. Holter

How very endearing! I suppose you know that there is a new Dr. Who that I have watched and enjoyed. Quite a few of my gifted students from the past were into Dr. Who. I had to stay current, and Travis and I enjoyed many episodes of whoever played Dr. Who in the eighties. Who was that?


And embroidered it quite beautifully, too!

Not to out-nerd you or anything, but I was president of a Star Trek fan club (original version), collected signatures on a petition to get the show back in production, and went to 2 Star Trek conventions in my wild and crazy youth. Galaxy Quest is a movie that is very dear to my heart now!

Holy cow, did I just admit that to the entire Internet?


That's hot. I want one.

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