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May 18, 2008


super des

Wow that's an impressive walk, kudos!
When I do the AIDS Walk, it's only 6.2 miles. And I only manage to do that once a year.


Congrats on the walking. That's something else. And on finding a new guitarist. Woo hoo!


Congrats on the half-marathon, Jane. WOW. I am duly impressed!


did you walk with livewalking.com? I wanted to go but he ran out of transportation.


That is a really long walk - good for you! Our biggest triumph was a fish caught by the Little Man Friday - huzzah!


Congratulations on all your successes! Walking that distance (especially chafing - that's brutal!) is an awesome accomplishment!

East Coast Girl

If you decide to continue with the walking and run into the chafing problem again, the other option is to turn the t-shirt inside out, so the bulky seams are on the outside, and the flat edge is smooth against your skin. Great job on an impressive 13.5 miles!

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