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May 01, 2008



My freshman year in college my roommate and I rescued a couple of newborn kittens that had been swarmed by fire ants. One of them died, but the black one, whom I named Spooky, lived and became a dorm kitty. The tip of his tail was bare and he had no eyebrows, scars from the ant bites. We kept him that entire year without getting caught and that summer I took him to my parents house and then left him there. My dad absolutely loved him. Spooky slept curled up around my head and would knead my scalp and purr and I can still feel that warmth and the goosebumps from his nose purring into my ear.
My husband, unfortunately, thinks cats are devil spawn and won't let me have any. So I became strictly a dog person. :)


What a great photo and beautiful cat. Your memories remind me of all the wonderful pets I've had and lost over the years. I miss them.


Wonderful photo. I so need to get a kitty.


Such a great photo. So at peace.

The D

Is that cat exceptionally large or is it just me?


Great story and cute pic to go with it!

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