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May 20, 2008



I'd have another cat tomorrow if I didn't live on a main road.


I love cats. My husband and I have had cats since the very beginning of our marriage. Of course, our first 2 (siblings) are no longer with us. They lived good, long lives, though. Nearly 16 and nearly 18. The current crop are rescue cats. They're a little put out recently because we had the NERVE to add DOGS to the mix.


I am a true believer in getting animals from the local shelter. You quite literally save that animal's life, and more often than not, they are so happy to have someone to love them.

Our first two cats are from the shelter, and this new third one was "lifted" from a man messed up on drugs who was trying to sell her for beer money.

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to open my own shelter.


Great pic.
I think sibling rivalry applies to cats, too. My older cat will definitely take down the kitten if she gets too pushy!! The slat scratching sounds a little spooky!


I already have two and my mom is trying to convince me I want the little one that recently turned up in her backyard looking for a home. I think I'm good on cats for now.


Well, yeah, I guess we did! Now to convince the older cat this was a good idea...

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