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May 22, 2008



time to move

Zen Zone Chick





My little brother had this problem and he just attached a video camera to a snake and ran it down the clean out, found the breach, and only had to dig up a small portion of the yard to get it fixed. He also found a couple of places where tree roots had started to come in, and put a stop to that as well....


If only....but "if onlys" are useless. If only you could find the breach, or confirm that the septic system can handle the load, or more. Selling a house in this economy is not a good option.


Have you ever had a "honey dipper" suck out your septic tank? You would be more comfortable with diverting your wash water if you knew it had the capacity to hold it. Jim can't remember what we paid which means it wasn't unreasonable. Wait, Jim said it was about $150, but that was a few years ago. The lawn mess was minimal. Our tank was chock full and I really wanted to play hooky to watch. By the way, both Jim and the health inspector say never to buy that septic bacteria stuff. It is a complete scam, as one turd has more bacteria than a box of Rid-X.

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