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April 04, 2008



Talk about an over reliance on technology. You'll come home one night and find that for the good of the planet, they've defrosted your freezer and blown the door off your microwave. Mark my words.


When we moved into our house, I just bought a programmable one and installed it myself. It was pretty easy and I had no prior experience. It was worth it to be able to control my house temp at all times.

The heat never goes above 65 degrees in our house. 59 when we are gone or asleep.


Ah man, I wanna go to Coffee Morning...

A Librarian
mad madge

my husband and i are never on the same page when it comes to the temp in the house. coffee morning sounds nice.

super des

That's a weird system. I am a total control freak when it comes to temperature, so I couldn't handle it.


I've never heard of thermostats you can program online, but that's very cool. But 75? That would cost a fortune here!

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Jennifer H

75 is sweltering!

But it's very cool that you can adjust the temp from anywhere. You could freak your husband out when he's home and you're not, by going online and changing the temp up and down. :-)


Yeah, 75 is too freaking hot. In the colder months - okay, the colder DAYS - I'll set the thermostat to 65 at night.

In the day, when it's hot outside, I have the air set up to come on at 76.

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