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April 28, 2008


Donna W

Ah, there are so many I can't choose just one. Do my feet count? They're really tacky, especially since I had my toenails removed.


I don't really have a blogtacular forum on which to display such an item, but does a 3 foot inflatable beer can count?


That's pretty tacky. I'll have to ponder this one and see if I have something to post.

super des

This will take some thought (and probably some unpacking) but it sounds like fun.


Oh. Dear. Lord. This is a great idea, but be aware you're setting the bar pretty high.


Oh, yeah, that's tacky alright :)


Esh. I should have mine up tomorrow. Too many options. In my kitsch-en alone...


Wow, I love that. Unfortunately, like Donna W, I have way too much crap to pick one thing to post (although it might be the Burt Reynolds "Paternity" poster that my husband framed and hung in the hall). I've also been banned from posted pictures of my parents' house, which is chock full o' tackiness and bring me much joy.


Awesome! I'm digging the orange walls too. I found your blog from m.toast. I'm glad I did. I can't wait to try your Pomegranate Salsa recipe.


It didn't take me long to figure out what I want to feature. Just need to spend a few minutes in my husband's "man" room.

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