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April 21, 2008


super des

I heart Totoro. I used to have one that sat in my car on the dashboard, suction cupped to the windshield. I also have a teacup a friend brought back from Japan.

You are making your niece very cool indeed.


Happy Birthday to your lovely niece.


you are a super cool aunt, in my book. Totoro and Kiki are GREAT films. Keep exploring Studio Ghibli - I'm sure you're going to enjoy what they've got to offer.

Jennifer H

You're a very cool aunt.


That's cool. Your niece should at least grow up to be an interesting individual instead of one of the conformist sheep.

And I didn't look em all up, but the Director who did Totoro did a bunch of family anime.


Ah, I aspire to someday be a cool aunt like you. Your niece is so luck!

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