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April 17, 2008



(I'm suddenly able to comment on TypeKey/TypePad blogs now. I don't ask why, I just do...)

I have to disagree about the fan thing. I keep the fan on in our bedroom in particlarly sticky weather like we had last night/today. When I walk in there, ready to hit the hay, the room is cooled down and ready for me. If I hadn't had the fan on, it would be as warm as the rest of the house, and I'd have to lie awake tossing and turning waiting for it to cool down (or for my body to just give up already...). I prefer to have the cool room waiting for me.

Happy birthday to the husband! Hope you guys have a fun time celebrating...


Kanga likes smooth peanut butter. After 22 years I bought myself a jar of crunchy because I like it.


Happy Birthday to Mr. Average Jane. It sounds like you two have everything worked out pretty good!

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