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April 18, 2008


super des

I didn't know there was a rule against telling people your dreams. I always tell poor Jay my dreams, because they're so weird.

I do like the fact that Dream World friends and places are so different from those in Reality World, but at the time it seems perfectly reasonable.

Well Hell Michelle

That lotion sounds awesome. It sounds like Avon's Silicone Glove hand lotion that I use and it works great. Dangerboy will even use it because, as he puts it, the lotion doesn't make him "smell like a girl".


That's a very bizarre dream. I'd be happy to be your drummer, but you were right that I'd be playing all the wrong stuff (oh, and it would sound like crap).

Can't wait to see you guys in action and imagine myself in the drummer's seat . . .

Mrs. G.

I'd tell you to have fun but with Bossy, that's guaranteed. But still, have fun!

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