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March 24, 2008



I'm not at the bottom of my group brackets race (women's) so it's not sooo bad. The sun is coming & going and the temps might eek up to 42 so...all things considered, today is looking good. I think the second round will be good to me. xxx fingers.

Hope your aches & spasm ebb away sooner rather than later.

Jennifer H

I can imagine I would also get sucked in by the Disney spectacle, against every effort to the contrary.

I'm still resisting Twitter. Am I crazy?


I'm glad to hear about Velcro. About your back, not so much.


I know myself well enough that if I begin to Twitter I would have to quit my job just to be able to satisfy that habit.

I smell like Japanese Cherry Blossom today.

I also smell like lots of new hair products as I'm experimenting with different things.

There seems to be a bone spur forming on my foot so I imagine that Flexall or something like it will permeate the air in my house soon. Happy Spasming! ;-)

Dustin Jacobsen

Have you seen http://twitpic.com/ ? It allows you to share links to your photos from Twitter. kind of like tinyurl meets flickr.

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