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March 03, 2008


Donna W

The ladies who work at Dillards in Independence Center do bra fittings. Like you, I found I was wearing the wrong sizes. If you don't throw your bras in the dryer, two of them will last quite well for two or three years, which means you stretch out your investment over a long period of time.

Have you ever read Gusewelle's "Another Cat at the Door"? Just a series of his observations on the cats in his life.

I have no cat scars, but my hyperactive dog, Sadie, has left a tooth-mark or claw-mark on me here and there, when we were tussling for a stick or a pull-toy.

Jennifer H

There are secondary (and possible tertiary?) sources of puncture wounds? :-)

I need to do a fitting, also. I would spend a fortune, too.


That is IT.

As soon as I am done serving as the primary food source for my kid, I am going to Nordstrom's for a bra fitting.



Also, can we expect some snaps of your new and improved rackage?


Dangerous Kitty... now if he could also undue the bra you could sell that cat for a lot. LOL


I am glad that I inspired you to go for the deluxe bra treatment! I would definitely go to Nordstrom's if they had one in NYC, but alas, none for me. I do so love their online sales, though.


Go to Nordstrom's for the nice undies (I definitely agree). Stay for the live piano player on the weekends. Two of the only redeeming features of having to go to the maul, IMO.


I am moving closer and closer to going for a professional bra fitting. I keep reading about how miraculous and life-changing these bra fittigs turn out to be. I'm afraid though that they're going to tell me that the correct size for me is something like 38 AA or that I a training bra.

BTW: I feel the same way as you do about going into Nordstrom's. I just don't look the part.

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