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March 19, 2008


super des

One time I had bronchitis AND strep throat at the same time. It was the worst xmas ever. So I definitely feel ya on the sick thing. And I'm also sorry you have to choke down that syrpu, but hopefully it helps!

Well Hell Michelle

You turned down codeine? Are you crazy? You could have sold that!

I hope the new medicine gets you feeling better soon :)

Jennifer H

Feel better. And get the codeine. Who wants to wake up early anyway? :-)

Tish G

I hear ya on illness doing funny things to your body. Your probably "sensitive" along certain nerve meridians right now because your immune system's working overtime. Take all the antibiotics (even when you begin to feel better) and get the codine! It supresses the cough enough so that you can get complete rest (not rest interrupted by hacking, body-wrenching coughing) Right now, the only thing to do is rest, so why not make yourself as comfortable as you can :-)


I hope you feel better soon, Jane. It sucks to be sick for a long time! I know a lot of people who have had this year's flu, and it's been no fun for anyone.

Your band practice bit made me think of the time I was sick in high school during the run of "Steel Magnolias" in which I played Annelle, the Darryl Hannah character. I was so sick during one performance that I lost my voice on stage. Luckily, it was right before intermission so I had time to guzzle some hot water with honey and lemon in it and my voice came back enough for me to croak out the rest of the show.

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