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February 27, 2008



I'm very sorry to hear about the sad news that is keeping you up. Generally, I get plagued by insomnia on the little things that you also mentioned. I was up until 2 am for the past two nights. Usually, I try and do something else (like a crossword puzzle) to refocus my mind until I am so exhausted that I literally cannot keep my eyes open. This is probably not a very effective tactic.

ok, where was I

I hate that time of night when your brain won't shut off. I used to have it bad at the end of a semester when I'd be writing 2 or 3 25 page papers at the last minute and my brain would keep writing even while I was sleeping. Ugh.


I'm sorry about your loss and the illness.

I might be too late to offer any help with the photo, but I'm sure you looked great!

Now, get some sleep...


Hey - sorry to hear you have gotten such crummy news lately! Hang in there!


ooh! yes! for a vacation to get away from it all, go to Samana, Dominican Republic. it's GORGEOUS and in the jungle-y part of the country, not in the weird, cut down bits like punta cana etc. We went last year and stayed at the grand Bahai (sp?) Princepe. (again, sp?) it was *awesome* great beaches, very restful and relaxing and not very expensive. def worth going.

feel better soon!!

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