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February 29, 2008



The Fail blog is hilarious. Except for the fork picture, which made me shudder.

I love amaryllis. And there's nothing worse than waiting 4-6 weeks for a dud. Especially when you were hoping for riotous red blooms (or another color, also riotous).



May I point out the jackalope behind the plant. Cursing powers, perhaps?

P.S. Also, back there is one of my favorite asian pieces of art ever. I have dibs on it, Innernets. Back off! :-)

Donna W

Hey, come on out and ride Blue. If you're an experienced horseperson, he'll probably bore you to death. Now if you want excitement, you can come and break my filly.

I'm just 30 miles east of Kansas City.


hmmm what is it suppose to look like.. and I am to lazy to google it :O


That's bummer!

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