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February 14, 2008


super des

I love the Macbeth reference.

Be strong! Be the one that doesn't get sick!


My fingers are crossed for you.

Out, out, damn germs.


Steer clear of da sickness!

Happy Valentine's Day.

laurie ruettimann

This is just enough to make me squirm:



There is a LOT you can do! I'm diabetic, we are more prone to infection, so I take all kinds of steps. Like Purel. I don't like the sticky feeling Purel leaves, so I carry a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in my truck and rub it all over my hands whenever I've had to use a public restroom. I pour it on my toothbrush every time after brushing, too. Can you imagine not washing your forks and spoons every time, just rinsing and putting away? Same thing. When traveling, I use this stuff called Room Shocker I found on Amazon that totally gasses a room. You set it off and get out of the room for 3 hours. I may be a germaphobe but I'n not a drink-o-phobe, so I'll often spend the 3 hours in the bar, or going to lunch or dinner. When I come back, the room is totally germ free. We always run our dishwasher on full-blast hot, steam finish and heated dry. Screw the envronmentalists, I want sanitized dishes and flatware! I'd like to use our good silver for everyday meals, but my wife draws the line on that. Silver kills germs. They make disinfectants out of it, and any doctor will tell you REAL silverware is a good means of mitigating germs around food. I could go on and on, but I need to get back to work. Let me just give this keyboard a little schpritz of Lysol.....

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