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February 01, 2008



"They tossed her outside and stopped feeding her"

I'd like to throw people like that outside and stop feeding them. People suck.

super des

I can't believe people just "decide" they don't want a pet anymore. When I worked at a shelter, that happened all the time.

My cat needs dental work done too, and he's about the same age. I have not yet saved up the money, but I've gotten water additives that are supposed to help. We'll see.

It's funny that the other cats got so used to not having her around so fast.


Now that my daughter works at a shelter, I too, hear stories like this all the time. It is appalling.

I'm sure the cats will work out their issues and things will get back to normal. My gf's cat was gone nearly 3 weeks and when he returned the reunion with sister cat was a tad less than friendly. They've since returned to being the loving, though reluctant siblings they were before the temporary split.

Lori Madison


I 3 cats, one who was also homeless for a bit, he used to be super skinny and hardly ate and now he is huge! It sounds like velvet is in good hands with you guys. I actually came to visit you to see when you were going to interview me for the blogger interview's (Neil's site, citzen of the month, I think) Blessings!


Bea really wants to get more cats, but Shayla does not like other animals period... if she cannot beat them up, then she stops eating... I have one spoiled kitty.

Donna W

The other cats probably didn't like how she smelled; after being at the vet's I imagine she had a medicinal odor.

When we were at Wayside Waifs getting our dog, one lady working there got tears in her eyes when she told us how it's much harder to get people to adopt cats than dogs; and cats don't take as well to captivity, she said. She was fostering a dozen or so at her home at the time.


Poor kitty. Max would love to play with her (smile).

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