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February 11, 2008



We ate there for the first time about a month ago and had a wait. It was longer than expected; not awful, but I didn't have any previous expectations. One lady raised one of the biggest stinks I had ever seen.


There's nothing like bad service to spoil a good restaurant. It's just inexcusable.


It's troubling when small businesses start to lose their footing and fall apart like this. And sad to lose your favorite pizza place!


Jane, I'm not joking. The fact that is happening in America is a BAD sign.

Here, it's gas - it's about to go up again and it' already the = of $ 10 a gallon.

There is an old saying how Yorkshire men kept their women in the old days, which has some relevance as to how our governments keep us these days - "well f****d and poorly shod".


I hate having to fire a favorite local restaurant. If it's a place I really liked I'll go back and get burned four or five times in the hope they can redeem themselves.

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