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February 05, 2008


Donna W

4 to 6 hours most nights, but not by choice. I just wake up, I don't know why; I lay there for an hour or so, then go ahead and get up because I'm bored. I wish I could sleep 8 hours.


They moved our recycling center not too long ago. I went to the new one last weekend with a huge backlog of stuff and of course they didn't have the bin for cans and plastic. Seriously, why would you remove a bin at a recycling center on Saturday morning?

I get by on whatever sleep I get, it doesn't really have any effect on my next day.

super des

While I am still unemployed, I get to stay in bed while the boy gets up and goes to work. I feel a little guilty, but before the feeling really sets in I am deep asleep.
This gives me around 8 hours, though I could totally survive on the 6 or so I would have if I got up with him.


I get about 6 hours during the week and maybe 7.5 hours on the weekend but work late and have small children so that's about as much as I can get. I love 8 hours too.


If I get less than 9 hours, I can be a right grouch.


10 to 6, 9 to 5, 11 to 7. Regardless, need 8.


6-7, any more or less and I feel like crap. The last month or so I've been sleeping alone. My wife is 12 weeks pregnant and is more comfortable on the couch for some reason. Though I don't know how comfortable that is when she's throwing up and feeling lousy all the time.


i get about nine if the baby sleeps well :)

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