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January 22, 2008


Keith Sader

1.) I like testosterone, a lot! That particular male hormone has the side-effect of making you feel like a king almost all of the time. As I grow older it's one of those things I'm beginning to miss.
2.) I don't like how men are still judged on their stature. We're in the era of brains, but we're still wired to African-Savannah survival factors. No personal ad ever says 'brainy, dark, and handsome'.
3.) Being a man, especially in this culture rocks. We're still catered-to, advertised-to, and essentially the center of U.S. marketing.
4.) I'd make more men appreciate their history of literature, art, science, and philosophy. We're still missing the renaissance-men of multi-interests. One can point to paragons of business or sport, but what other values or interests to they have? Michael Jordan was a great NBA player, but he shows no interest in anything outside of gambling or sports. It would be very refreshing to see someone like Albert Pujols show an interest or passion for something like botany or biology during their post-career years.
5.) Men are still painfully shy at meeting women and just as nervous about their personal appearance. Girls, when a guy walks up to you and tries to introduce himself, be as nice as possible. He's had to work up his courage a great deal to even fumble an approach.


Woo hoo! A shout out! Yeah, it's the cheap thrills I like the best. Suebob brought up some very interesting questions in her post. Happy to have been the 1st guy there.


1. I like never having to ask directions.
2. I don't like it when I forget to shake it enough after peeing.
3. I love being a man. But women have it pretty good to. It's good to be alive!
4. I would give men a clue about women.
5. 2nd what Keith said, and add that we don't want you to know what we are thinking, so don't ask.


1. We get the easy, fun part of the reproductive process.
2. We have less choice in life than women.
3. I really can't imagine a better time and place to be alive than here, and now.
4. Beer without the beer belly.
5. Goofyness in a woman is totally underrated.

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