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January 30, 2008



I'm jealous that you have chips left in the bag to clip. When I start a bag, I finish a bag. ::sigh:: Note to self: Stay away from chip aisle.


My husband is obsessive about turning off unused lights, yet he cannot remember to use a chip bag clip. I even got magnetized ones so that they were right in front of his face on the fridge, but he looks right past them when he puts the salsa away...


I'm on constant light patrol for my entire family! Kids won't turn off a light for anything. Too busy.

Cat Puke cleaning is fun, especially when all 4 do it at the same time!

KC is not as cold as it is in the land of Lincoln. Waiting patiently for 2009.


My mom does Light Patrol too. It's gotten to the point where she'll come into a room, not realize that I'm in it, and turn it off on me while I'm doing my homework.


when it comes to chips... after I open a bag of chips I transfer the rest of the contents into a large ziploc bag. So they stay really really fresh. And there is only one way to close a ziploc :)

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