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January 09, 2008



I like your green goals -they sound reasonable and do-able. Sometimes when I hear folks' green intentions, I just get overwhelmed and feel so... well, "not green". I saw those bags at Costco just 2 days ago - and they are enormous! We have a great market nearby that sells smaller ones, and I found these bags (http://www.minusbags.com/minusbags_shop.html). They are a little spendy, but I'm thinking maybe going green can be cute :) Go green peas on chocolate!



GreenDimes here,

Thanks for writing about us. You don't seem average at all!


have you switched to the halogen light bulbs? I have them in myhouse. I admit they aren't as bright but very efficient. Also get a blanket for your water heater. Get a digital thermometer, you can sign up for KCPL's energy saver thermostat they will install it for free and they will program it to auto adjust for savings.

I have also purchased the bags from Dillons and price chopper, I am waiting to get them from target and walmart. I just don't feel right carrying in a dillons bag to walmart you know... this is why making my own would have been better but not time efficient... ya know!


I posted about this a few days ago:

Oprah had a great "Green" segment last Friday. Check out her site as well.

Yay for canvas bags, CFL bulbs & not taking that ATM receipt - three quick easy ways to be "greener."


The biggest item I would say would be to convert from a paper to an electronic document management system.

All organizations produce stacks and stacks of paper. The paperless office isn't going to happen anytime soon, but any movement in that direction would be great.

Have you thought about TerraPass (http://www.terrapass.com/buy-carbon-offsets/)?

It would be cool to offset some of the carbon emissions for all of the travel to our clients.

My favorite "green" site is http://www.treehugger.com/

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