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January 29, 2008


super des

I want to go solely for the reason that I love San Francisco. Oh yeah and that whole "meeting cool people thing."

However I haven't registered yet. You will know when I do.


I am so torn. It is my dad's 90th birthday. I see him every day but still...


I am going (although I have yet to register; I don't know what I am waiting for...) and I can't wait to see you there!


I'm going! Well, I have hotel reservations... but I will be registering soon! Woohoo!

That Grrl

I wish I could go too. Have a great time.


I'll be there! Lucky you for rooming with Rita..I'm a contributing editor on the site too, looking forward to meeting new people this year like I have the last two. : )

Waldo Oiseau

How awesome. It seems like a really great conference. Maybe next year..

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