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January 11, 2008


super des

ha ha, apparently I'm totally good.


Wow, is that ever wrong. I'm "angelic."


I'm also neutral - until I saw Super Des and Karl's comments, I thought it was rigged


well aparently I am evil... but then I switched from beef to chicken and became twisted... then I switched from comedy to romance and chicken and became nuetral... I am thinking I will have to lie about my music tastes to become good... but yuck who listens to Gospel?... just checked yup if I listen to gospel only watch romance AND!!! become a vegetarian I am then good... yuck I would rather listen to punk rock eat a nice steak and laugh.

This was fun to play with :)

Karen Sugarpants

I love how the weapons of choice included Canada. Ha ha. I'm apparently neutral too.


I'm Pure Evil, Mwahahaaa!


I am angelic. Disappointed. I was kind of hoping to be evil, at least a little bit.

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