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December 10, 2007



Too much beer? Is there such a thing?


I was very, very sad that we could not make it!! We even had a babysitter lined up. Tried to call Saturday (?) got interrupted. Then I was going to call Sunday, realized it was already the starting time and did not want to interfere with your hostess duties. We were dealing with sick kids.

Still.....Happy anniversary!!

super des

happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! I hope every year just gets better than the last.

Michelle at Scribbit

Too bad--what a disappointment. But congratulations anyway, that's great for both of you!


Happy Anniversary!!

The Misanthrope

Congratulations!! That is a real accomplishment today.


Looks like it's my turn to congratulate you! Thanks for coming by :)

So sorry about the party turn-out - but if there is still lots of left-over beer, maybe December will be the best one ever. Comparatively, my husband and I took the 3 kids to Denny's for out 13th anniversary "dinner party" :) Yeah, good times. Lucky number 13...

But back to you - congratulations :)

tish grier

well, if you were in New England, it'd have been snow....Happy Anniversary :-)

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