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December 11, 2007



I debated about whether to go to work today or not. While the streets seem fine, my son's school was closed and hubby was told to stay home from work. So, I decided to stay in and work from home. It is kind of a nice change from the office.

S. Simon in WV


Be careful. Ice storms can get nasty fast. Of course, being out in the weather, braving the ice, is smarter than driving around in it, but don't end up with an accident that has a long influence on your life, far into the future. I hate ice storms. I'd rather see nice, clean, safe (or safer) snow. Take care.


Our kids' preschool was canceled today. We didn't know. It didn't seem like a big deal to us (we moved from MN where weather is worse most of the time).

Have fun at the concert!


I hope the concert was a go. Our area has been battling floods as of late. No fun at all.

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