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December 04, 2007



Nice and easy spinach artichoke dip.

One jar marinated artichoke hearts
Bag of baby spinach
Two cloves garlic
tub or so of sour cream
pack of cream cheese (room temp)
Salt, pepper, parmesean cheese to taste

Pull the marinated artichoke hearts out of the jar. Don't worry about draining them properly, but don't use the whole dish of oil. Chop them up some. Throw in a giant sauce pan or whatever will hold all that bag of spinach later on in the recipe.

Dice the two cloves of garlic, toss in on top of the artichokes. Let that cook a couple of minutes just so that the garlic isn't raw. Maybe five?

Rough chop the spinach and throw it in too. I let the spinach cook down a little, but not too much, I like it to have texture.

Let it cool some in the pan.

In a giaganto dish, mix the artichoke, spinach, garlic mixture with the sour cream and cream cheese. Add some salt, pepper and parmesean cheese if your heart desires.

I think using those garlic bagel crisps as a method of shoving it into your face is awesome. Any type of pita chip will do.

The dip is best if you let it sit a day or two. Also helpful because it makes your house smell pretty strong.


Jane, you live such a hectic life, just reading about it makes me want to go and lie down.

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