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December 21, 2007


Laurie Ruettimann



I got a paltry 52% but I do know that Noel is spelled such and not NOWELL


62% but that's because I actively try to tune out Christmas carols when I hear them cuz they have such a tendency to stick with me forever!

I will say that I probably should have scored even lower, but it was pretty easy to guess the answers on a lot of them because of all the silly distractors.


96%. I'm a Christmas Song geek.

Goofy Girl

I got 72%, which I thought was sad since I can pretty much sing any Christmas song on the radio. There were some tricky ones in there!


Man, I got an 88%, and I thought I'd run it - I was tripped up by the Deck the Halls question - ouch. How embarrassing.

Merry Christmas!

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