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December 12, 2007


super des

I love concerts. And yes, I often have that problem with going to work the next day. (in fact I'm doing that tomorrow.)
Oh well. Fun is fun, right?


Personally, I hate concerts but that is because I am a freak and it annoys me that live music is not played the exact same way it is recorded, which is how I know it and like it. (Making grumpy face.) However, I am very glad that the weather held out and that you were able to get out and enjoyed the concert.

tish grier

Thanks so much for writing about this! I remembering you mentioning that you were going and was *so* jealous! Hysterical that the crowd was hovering around 40-something! I keep thinking back to my childhood, when 40-something people were listening to Lawrence Welk. So, does that make Ozzy and Rob the Lawrence Welks of our brave new world?? oh, and there's a serious link between stag films and horror cinema--when you consider that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was distributed by a mob-owned distribution company that was also making adult films...oh, the things we never knew as kids!

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