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November 06, 2007



Okay now that is all kinds of awesome.

super des

Well you've got me beat, as I was never in a band or at a sci-fi convention, but I still think you're awesome.

I was a punk rocker in high school. I still hold true to it. :)


I am doing general "flashback" posts - not just childhood. Today, I featured my eyebrows. Squee!

Love, love your photo!

Keith Sader

I just spend my time with D&D, Rolemaster, GURPS, and computer games.


Damn you...


My hubby & I have worked security at a science fiction convention (KC Con) years ago. It was a sea of geekdom.


I was very amused by your entry today. I have never been to a Sci-fi Convention, but would love to go. I have to confess that I am the biggest (literally!) Sci-fi geek you might find for a 57 year old female. I love all the Sci-fi channel shows and movies. In fact, when my satellite TV company changed its line-up of channels, and took out my Sci-fi, I opted to the Premium package just to get that one channel. It's about all I watch. I also read Sci-fi almost entirely.


You were too cool. I was a writer geek even back then.

Lotus Carroll

Awesome photo!

Rocky Horror Picture Show! That rocks.

I performed part of that show in drama class, as Magenta.

I was utterly in my place. Scary.


Wow. This is just great--a great story and a great photo to go with it. You are certainly looking very pleased with yourself. As well you should be!


Love it!

I was goth-girl. All black from head to foot, clumpy boots, the works. A hard look to bring off in the middle of summer though.

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