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November 21, 2007



As i know how passionate about music you are, I know you'll do it and have a lot of fun in the proces. Average Jane - rock Chick !


A song dear to my heart: Black Betty - Ram Jam.
My band had plans to cover this song with me (the bassist) doing lead vocals. Alas, it never happened but I still love this song.
Your new band sounds like a cool project with a sound plan.
Rock on.


Sister Havana by Urge Overkill


This is off my absolute #1 fave album of all time. This is probably the most famous song but I can't say it's even the best one!!! DAMN that was a good CD.


One of the greatest bands of my generation: Tool. Metal, rythmic and MJK's melodic vocals. Ever think of covering Sober or Schism?

Keith Sader

We liked you better before you sold out anyway ;-)



I'm a total sucker for almost anything off Def Leppard's Pyromania, myself.

S Simon

I taught music for about 20 years. Be very careful with your hearing. You may want to use some ear plugs to soften the damage to your ears. Repetitive exposure to loud sounds, such as rock music and the instruments that play it, will make you lose hearing. Once lost, it can't be regained. If you know any speech therapists, they have the best ear plugs, usually free. Hope this helps.

My husband lost a great deal of his hearing on his right side due to repeated exposure to a medium loud sound over several years. He wishes he had protected his hearing. Now he can't hear over the phone, or some conversation.

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