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October 23, 2007



Just a heads up. I just read an article that CFL's, while eco-friendly, release a mercury gas when broken that can attack the nervous system and cause chronic kidney problems.
Just be cautious when handling them and double bag them when recycling.

super des

Go girl! It actually sounds like it was easier than I thought it'd be. And cheaper!


I'm impressed! I was the most proud when I replaced a heating element on my dryer many moons ago.


You should be looking for a good
fastened box in the ceiling. Give
it a shake! Make sure at this time this is.
If is is plastic, it should be the right kind. There are two types. I think,blue and yellow.
Yellow I believe is the type you need.
Check them out @ Home Depot. Ask!!
Most likely it it metal, and this
is better yet!
This ceiling fan thing is not
too hard to do!. Well worth it.
Clockwise in the winter
This other way in the summer.


Oooh go you!

But I came here to discuss the Takezo Kensei thing you were talking about earlier. Do you think MAYBE, he is the Petrelli-Daddy? Powers run in families, Claire is indestructible (makes sense if her grandfather is Takezo), his face isn't in the photograph ooooooh, the Elder Heroes are dying and MOST DAMNING is that the creepy S symbol was Petrelli Dad's law firm's logo. Plus, we know Claire has a penchant to die and heal from S1 (tossing herself off the tower, down to recovering from an autopsy). Could someone have faked his suicide, recovered later and walked away?

What do you think?


Reminds me of the joke what's black and crisp and hangs from 2 wires ?

Instead of Irish electrician, insert Average Jane...

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