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October 15, 2007



Jane, good point about the yogurt. I never thought of making my own.

In my town they have a semi-annual electronics recycling event, and you have to pay small amounts but they'll take your old computers, fluorescent light bulbs, stuff like that. My first line of recycling computers and printers is to donate it to a non-profit, but, if it's even too broken down for them then I take it to be recycled.

Now I just have to find out what to do with styrofoam...


I can relate to the windows.
I have had windows just like that.
I can remember using a utility knife to score the edge and a
quick "bang" to open them.
Also the weights,are they still
attached,I still have the 1x1 wood support that I use to keep the window open, fun times indeed.
Anyway this is my 2nd year in this
latitude. We will see. Last year
was the gut wrenching icestorm.
Time will tell.

Goofy Girl

Sounds like you are already doing a lot, but you might find some other good ideas here:


Also, you can take recyclable glass to the Deffenbaugh recycling center at 435 & Midland Drive (out in my neck of the woods).

I understand concern about worker safety, but it sucks that few curbside services take glass anymore. It's AMAZING how much glass we use in a few weeks. And it's not just wine bottles! :-)


I wish we could afford to replace all our crummy 60s aluminum-frame windows with the fancy low-e ones. Instead we're just going to caulk the hell out of them and put up solar screens.

I am trying to get the hang of composting. It's pretty satisfying, and now I don't feel quite as guilty about letting my well-intentioned vegetable purchases turn to slime in the crisper. I wish they sold lettuce by the leaf because I can never use it all in time.

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