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October 08, 2007


super des

Happy bday mom.
The end of this blog kinda hits home for me, as my dad is (was) a lifelong smoker as well.

pam inbody

That is so cool! You mom was a stud, which shows me now why you and Leah are so cool and Hot! I enjoyed learning more about your mom. Leah and I haven't discussed her a lot but I know that you both loved her very much and she instilled a lot of your best assets! Happy B-day to your mom!!


What a sweet post, Jane. I am always struck by how much you look like your mother.

Also, DITTO on the cigarettes. It was one of the hardest things I ever did, the Quitting. It keeps me from even having "one here and there", the fear of getting hooked again is so great.

Fog City Mommy

I feel ya on the loss of a parent


This is a lovely post. I've always thought I would have liked to meet your mom. She seems like a fascinating person, especially if her progeny are anything to judge from!


Excellent post.

Your mom was definitely a remarkable woman. Wonderful, wonderful pix.

The Misanthrope

That is all very impressive indeed. I can't imagine not thinking about one's parent every day. I still think about my grandparents every day.

Very nice tribute.

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