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October 24, 2007


super des

I agree on everything. Craigslist rocks, the economy sucks.


I haven't had much luck so far on Craigslist, but perhaps that is because the economy sucks and no one has money to spend on foosball tables and guitars.


Don't worry, the economic cycle will return things back to normal. Hopefully soon!


I've had a pool table listed on our local craiglist for months with nary a nibble. Of course, with only 100k people, people interested in nibbling are few and far between.


I actually think we are in for a pretty rough road economically. People are in way over their heads and the country is too.

About prices: I buy pectin for my arthritis. 2 weeks ago it was $5.69 and yesterday it was $7.49 - WTF? Broccoli is $2 a pound! It is nuts. I found the pectin on Amazon - 8 boxes for $28, shipping included. So there, grocery store.

I am selling my old books on Amazon and sometimes doing pretty well. I sold an old Peg Bracken paperback for $25 the day after she died.

The Misanthrope

I purchased my pool table off of Craig's list.

Dick Cheney said that the economy can absorb these higher prices and he was specifically referring to gas prices, which are $3.40 out here in Los Angeles. We stock up on food and supplies on the paycheck that doesn't go toward the house. It's a balancing act for sure.

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