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October 12, 2007


super des

Don't you hate Reality World? You know, that place where you don't have any money and can't seem to get more. I live there too, though I'm looking to move out.


Jane, I can only sympathise. Like you, i am a good cook who can use what's in the house to eat "well" when money is tight, but isn't it tiresome when you feel yourself doing it all the time ? KP


Jane....it sounds like you're doing everything possible to budget your money. It's one of the most stressful things to address....every month....all the time. Just don't get too stressed-out. You are one resourceful lady.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me that wonderful comment! I do appreciate it!

I've been through what you are going through except that in our case, there was no income! It was the blessed dotcom bust and we hoped some investor would come and swoop us out of the debt that our CEO was digging us into. We hung on only because the product was very resilient. But we could do so only for so long. So, we were living off our savings that entire time.

Food was the first expense that I examined. I cooked more and in larger quantities and froze the extra in meal size portions. I cooked dals (lentils), beans and legumes - these are cheaper, nutritious and go a long way. I stopped buying frozen and ready to eat meals. Made my own bread (mainly Indian rotis). And supplemented the meal with fresh veggies bought once a week. My grocery bill went down from $500 a month to about $150. I also cut down on soda, soft drinks and juices. We drank more water. No haircuts or trips to the salon, no new clothes or shoes. Nothing new.

The only thing that we did not change was the things we did for our daughter. She went to day-care, gymnastics, swimming and got new clothes as required - but I always looked for deals. And we also made it a point not to default on our mortgage.

We evaluated our phone bills and got rid of the plans we did not use and switched to calling cards instead. Especially for international calls. We got rid of cable and started borrowing DVDs and video tapes from the library, instead of renting them. It made up for the sudden lack of programming that we were used to. Instead of movies, theater and dinners out, we went for walks and bike rides.

Our lives actually became a lot simpler and healthier. We've carried that experience with us even though our situation improved shortly thereafter. I heard recently that it is called Voluntary Simplicity.

(I have often been berated for leaving long comments and it certainly appears as though I am at it again - my apologies!)


I feel your pain. I am struggling myself, despite fairly good pay for our area...I keep thinking I should do more freelancing, but having time off seems important, too...


I am in the same boat....
And I hate the fact that it is sinking....
Denial is not only a river in Egypt...



I am in the same boat also. What the hell is going on here in America when we can't even make it paycheck to paycheck? Is a F***king nightmare that never ends! What the hell happened to our country? Those idiots up in Congress are just digging a hole for us all. I am sure Putin and the Arabs are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. This is how Rome must have felt when it was going down.

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