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September 21, 2007


Miss Cellania

You betcha its a fun job! I wrote about it once.


Thanks for the link!


I saw Godzilla (a rubbish movie) on my first plane trip to New York. On my first full day, we went up the Empire State building.

On seeing the Metlife building, I commented "it wasn't like that yesterday, there was a bloody big hole in the middle". Channie looked at me as if my lights had gone out. I hated Independence Day too ! Sorry. I love New York though.


Jane, do you tie corks on lengths of string to your door handles. It entertains pussles for hours.


My cat plays fetch too! She does it with a hair scrunchie. Same thing...the game ends when she decides she's done. My in-laws, who are strict dog people, actually like her because she has similar "dog qualities".


Iron Man. Such a long trailer, will there be anything left to watch next Feb ?


I can't wait till it comes out on DVD, that'll be when I can see it. one of the few comics I read occasionally when I was a kid.

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