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September 25, 2007



Being a brit, I love Branston Pickle, Bourneville Chocolate, and I get canned Schweppes from Canada (for some reason, you can't get the cans here in Cleveland). Ribena is pretty good too (mixed it with water and it's a wonderfully refreshing blackcurrant drink) but the Indian store I found it in here charges $8 a bottle - too rich for me sadly.


Irene Duma

Belgian Beers - or Belgian chocolates. Sure you can get some here, but there are a few brands that you can't. And some of them have matching cheeses. Mmmm Chimay cheese.

Oh, and I still have dreams that I am running through Brussels trying to get one of those fresh made sweet waffles from a waffle stand.

Not to mention the double fried street fries served in a paper cone with a choice of 30 sauces.

I gotta start saving (and dieting) for a trip back.


Donairs. I don't get 'em in Toronto, but they're an East Coast delight and I wants them.

Irene Duma

I think there's a place on the Danforth just west of Donlands that serves Donairs. It's 2 doors away from my fave pub, The Only, that has lots of Belgian brews on the menu,


Mayordomo Chocolate from Mexico. Those crazy hot Indian snack mixes that have puffed rice and nuts in them. Lime Pickle from India. Acacia honey from China. Chestnut honey from Italy. I guess I have a lot!


I like Pulparindo, an overwhelmingly flavorful tamarind candy from Mexico. And all the delicious beers of the world, of course.


(just catching up on my blog reading) My favorite candy bar in the whole wide world is a Lion Bar, made by Nestle (I think) and can sometimes be found for a rather high price at World Market. It is the best candy bar known to man. Look for it.

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