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September 27, 2007


super des

I caught a field mouse when I was little. Looking back, it must have been sick or injured to let me catch it, but ti didn't try to bite me and I was so excited. My mom discreetly took it back outside while I was distracted, but I still remember it. I don't think I ever got a chance to name it.


I would go on a road trip to Kansas every summer with my grandparents to see my great-grandmother and going out and "hunting" box turtles down the old dirt roads with my grandfather was definitely the highlight of the trips for me. Thanks for refreshing my memories :)


When I was a kid, I cried to my mum that's I'd just seen a flat dog. She asked me how I thought it was a flat dog and I replied "I saw another one trying to pump it up". Wildlife, where I grew up ???


If you want to relive those youthful exploits, there's a bar in Venice, CA that races turtles called Brennen's. It's fairly entertaining!

The Misanthrope

Nothing unusual from childhood. Now I see coyotes frequently and hear them every night.


I grew up in a really, really rural area, so way too many to name!


We had a box turtle much the same as yours, except her name was Pearl.
She was in and out of our lives then finally she left for good.
In central Denver, we had the occasional fox or coyote furtively loping through the alley. Where I am now, there are gopher tortoises on land, and gators in the lakes.
I like the gopher tortoises better.


I grew up in a very remote area. We had hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness behind us (California coastal mountain range) and an ocean in front of us.

So we saw seals, dolphins, sharks (usually the babies still in their "purses"), king snakes, garter snakes, rattlesnakes, deer, seagulls, pelicans, curlews, shorebirds, shearwaters, quail, lizards, toads, crab, lobsters...it goes on and on.


I see a lot more wildlife now than I did when I was a kid. I lived in a suburb. I did once try to adopt a toad I discovered in the garden, but my mom told me it had to stay out there since toads eat garden pests.

Now I live in a city--a city with many large forest-like parks--so I see raccoons, possums, deer, coyote, owls, and many, many other types of birds. Sadly, the raccoons and possums wander about right in my neighborhood. Even with all our parks, they've still lost much of their habitat.

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